Northern Peru Circuit Exclusive Accommodation (Part 2): Kentitambo

Kentitambo is nestled on a vegetated hillside just outside the village of Leymebamba and right opposite the village’s Mummy Museum. This is an exquisite place to say the least. The well attended gardens have been designed to attract hummingbirds and along with the help of various hummingbird feeders, it is possible to see seventeen different species.

Surrounded by trees and gardens, Kentitambo is a wonderful place to relax

Surrounded by trees and gardens, Kentitambo is a wonderful place to relax

Kentitambo is definitely on the exclusive side with only two rooms for guests. These are constructed in a unique style and have very large spacious rooms with a wide balcony to chill out on. The bathroom is also quite unique with beautiful details particularly around the mirror. The nights can be a little chilly here so the large feather duvet on a bed that is almost so big you could lose yourself is very welcome.

Kentitambo bedroom

Massive room, with a feather duvet covered bed.

Kentitambo Bathroom

Kentitambo has many details. Even the bathroom has its own style.

Behind the guest rooms further up the hill is an octagonal house and this is where the meals are served. It is not unusual to walk in to the kitchen and be absorbed by the smells of freshly roasted coffee, and newly made breads and cakes. Sitting around the fireplace waiting for dinner, the extremely friendly staff keep you well attended to without fussing. Dinners are usually Peruvian dishes made with Kentitambo quality. Desserts have a huge wow factor, be it rhubarb and ginger sorbet or avocado chocolate mousse.

Kentitambo Coffee

Hand roasted coffee greets visitors as they step into the dining area.

We include a night in Kentitambo in a popular Archaeology and Forest Tour and we can easily include a night here in any of our custom made tours.

Kentitambo House

Tranquility, hummingbirds and great coffee

Visit the Kentitambo website.


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