Chachapoyas and Northern Peru Books and DVDs

Chachapoyas and Northern Peru Books

“Warriors of the Clouds: A Lost Civilization in the Upper Amazon ” by Keith Muscutt
A beautiful book with many photos about Chachapoyas, Vira Vira and and the trips the author has made in the area.

“Chachapoyas: The Lost Kingdom” by Rafaó León, Dr. Sonia Guillen, Adriana von Hagen
The ultimate coffee table book – amazing photos and a lot information too. Over 400 pages.

“Antisuyo: The Search for Lost Cities of the Amazon” by Gene Savoy
Published in 1970, this is an account of varous expeditions to Chachapoyas and Vilcabamba near Cuzco.

“Lords of Sipan: A Tale of Pre-Inca Tombs, Archaeology, and Crime” by Sydney D. Kirkpatrick
A behind the scenes account of how the archaeologist Dr. Walter Alva got to know about the Sipan tombs, the excavations and the recovery of some of the stolen treasures. True story.

Chachapoyas and Northern Peru DVDs

History Channel: “Digging for the Truth” – The Mummies of the Clouds
Hunter Ellis accompanies a team of archaeologists to this majestic site in remote northern Peru.

History’s Mysteries: Cliff Mummies Of The Andes
Keith Muscutt made archeological history when his team discovered the first unlooted Chachapoyan tomb found in modern times. But as CLIFF MUMMIES OF THE ANDES: UNWRAPPED reveals, finding the tomb was simply the beginning of the adventure.

In Search of History: Tombs of Sipan
In 1987, a sudden flood of priceless gold and silver artifacts was the first clue that a major new find had been made not by archaeologists, but by grave robbers.

Lost Kingdoms of South America
The four part BBC 2013 documentary about the Chachapoya ‘People of the Clouds’ and the Chimu ‘Kingdom of the Desert’.